Why Are Accu1 Direct Insulation Blowing Machines The Best?


What make insulation blowing machines the best choice for contractors? Well, this can be summarized in a single word, namely “ROI”. A good ROI (return of investment) is the main factor that sustains the contractor activity, and for the most part this depends on the quality of the work equipment. To date there are many insulation requests that need a fast operation and on time delivery. The “time factor” is really fundamental and can be achieved only with powerful insulation blowing machines. In this mode a contractor can accomplish more jobs in less time, therefore create a profit as soon as possible.

Accu1 Direct insulation machines are built bearing in mind all this factors, and what it has created is a full range of machines that outperform the competition in all aspects. Said this, if quality, operation speed and safety are features you require from your work equipment, the choice is mandatory: Accu1 Direct insulation blowing machines have the most powerful engines and the most advanced electrical circuit on the market. This is really a winning combination because while the mechanical gears deal with the insulation material, the electrical circuit monitors the operation providing steady power.

Insulation blowing machines however are divided into different groups based on their usage:

Professional applications

The professional range are the most powerful, they are represented by bigger machines with additional control panels and advanced features such as flexible power control. This means you can adjust the amount of produced material that coming out based on the size of the area you want to treat.

Domestic applications

For domestic operations, either the contractor or a simple user can rely in less performing models that however are well suited for this specific use. These insulated blowing machines have the benefit to be really compact and portable, becoming easy tools to transport.

Obviously what differs from the professional and domestic range (features aside) is the price. Accu1 Direct insulation machines meet all customer needs, offering always great machines with high quality performance.

All Accu1 Direct insulated blowing machines have great features that make them the reference point in this industry type. Their strengths consist mainly in the quality of the materials used to build the components; pure steel welded and a particular finishing coat make these machines indestructible and durable. Another useful feature common to both professional and domestic models is the modularity and standard of their elements. This results in easy availability of the spare parts in the unfortunate case of breakdown.

With Accu1 Direct insulation machines can be used all fiber types without problems, you just have to choose: fiber glass, rockwool or cellulose. Each fiber type is treated properly by a specific program activated from the control panel. Furthermore, while they have a compact design, can be load with big quantity of material, saving in this way a lot of time for refilling the reservoir.

Finally, with regard to the operator safety, Accu1 Direct insulated machines are provided with an advanced safety circuit that blocks the operation in the case of danger.

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