Accu1 Direct And Insulation Blowings New Standard

Insulation Blowing

Quite often some houses require structural modifications due to their low energy efficiency. There are many reasons for this inconvenience, but usually the most common are: improper home engineering and poor quality of building materials. Obviously, this results in expensive bills that each month must be paid and given the steady increase of energy cost (either electricity or heat production), they will adversely affect the quality of life.

To date, the best solution in terms of cost and efficiency consists in specific insulation measures, feasible even by the novice user, provided that it is used only professional equipment specifically designed for this type of applications. At this purpose, Accu1 Direct is leading in insulation machines for all type of operations, and ensures the high quality of all its models, long durability and high performance. With a wide range of models, insulation blowing has never been so easy and safe to practice.

The main features that distinguish Accu1 Direct from the competition are:

Smart engine

The heart of the powerful engine is monitored by an electrical circuit programmed to provide steady power, even in the case of sudden shutdowns that may damage the machine.

Compact and portable

Regardless of the place of work all Accu1 Direct insulation machines are easy to carry thanks to a well thought-out design and resistant wheels that adapt to any type of soil.


All Accu1 Direct models are built in welded steel with anticorrosion coat, which greatly extend the lifespan of all parts and ensure a minimal maintenance.


Operator safety always comes before everything else. Emergency stop is provided for eventual dangerous situation.

Accu1 Direct has built its models considering both the domestic use and the high professional use, thus engineered with the contractor and the simple home owner in mind. All models are suitable for any fiber type, such as rockwool, fiberglass and cellulose. All components are standardized, and this means you will have no difficulty in finding spare parts, therefore saving money and time. Another interesting feature consists in the modularity of its parts, thanks to which it will be easy disassemble any element.

Insulation blowing machines are not all equal; in fact some building features can make the difference, and their absence could be a serious problem by putting at stake the contractor success. First of all, insulation blowing operations require powerful yet durable machines to ensure a good return of investment, in addition to flexibility, good fiber production, great usability and safety of all electrical and mechanical components. All these properties are the rule for all Accu1 Direct insulation machines.

Insulation material is a great choice for a more comfortable home; furthermore you can save up to 15% to 20% of your energy costs if you do a correct installation, regardless of the fiber type. The crucial factor in insulation blowing depends more than anything in the right choice of the equipment. Accu1 Direct provides only the best insulation machines for ensure excellent results at affordable price.

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